The funeral ceremony marks the close of a human life. It is the opportunity for friends and family to gather, support one another, say goodbye and express sadness for the life which has now completed its earthly journey. It is the initial step in the grief healing process.

The Providence Funeral Home family can assist you in creating a memorable funeral ceremony. It may be short and quiet with only a few family members; a great, solemn occasion with music and a packed church; or, an event that is patterned somewhere between the two. We accomplish this by offering families both classic and contemporary service options.

Classic Service
A Classic service is usually somewhat formal and it embraces the spiritual and/or cultural tradition of the family. Classic services may be expressed through burial or cremation. The funeral ceremony is usually held a few days after the time of death to allow family members to attend the service.

Contemporary Service
A Contemporary service reflects the unique life and personality of the person that has died. This type of funeral service provides for personal expression and mirrors the ever changing values of the society we live in. A Contemporary service is marked by greater personalization and choice of the family and a diminished ritual.

With our creative and professional staff Providence Funeral Homes can assist you in planning and celebrating a  funeral service that best reflects your family's wishes.