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High quality Wood, Steel and Cloth caskets offered at affordable prices from $249 – $4599. All Wood and Cloth caskets are also suitable for cremation. Prices do not include shipping or tax. Extra charges may apply. Contact funeral director for further details.

Viewing Pine Cremation Container

Intermediate Pine Cremation Container

Basic Cremation Container


Hand-Woven Willow Wicker & Seagrass Rope, Natural & Unbleached Cotton Interior & Pillow.

Victoria PC

Wood, Solid Cherry, Polished, Gold Trim, Velvet Interior.

307 Ash

Wood, Ash, Polished Shaded Ash, Blue Interior.

Oversize Poplar

Wood, 30 Inches Wide Inside, Solid Poplar, Light Ash Stain, Eggshell Silk Interior.


Wood, Solid Oak, Hand Polished, Pink Interior With Rose Backdrop.

Aspen Pine

Wood, Pine, White Satin Interior, Fixed Woodbar Handles


Wood, Oak, Medium Oak Stain, Gloss, Last Supper Lugs, Pieta Corners.

Chapel Oak

Wood, Oak Veneer, Last Supper Lugs, Pieta Corners, Velvet Interior.

Wheat Maple

Wood, Select Hardwood, Maple Stain, Wheat Bumper Hardware.


Wood Poplar, Polished Birch Stain, Velvet Interior, Pieta Corners.

60 Ash

Wood, Ash, Satin Lacquer, White Satin Interior, Bronze Metal Handles.

Oak Veneer

Wood, Oak Veneer, Walnut Stain, White Satin Interior, Bronze Metal Handles. Approved by Veterans Affairs.


Paulownia Wood And Wood Veneer, Honey Stain, White Satin Interior And Pillow. Cremation Only - Not Suitable For Pall Bearing.


Paulownia Wood And Wood-Face Plywood, Medium Stain, Crepe Interior And Pillow. Cremation Only - Not Suitable For Pall Bearing.

Westfield Poplar

Homeward Poplar

DaVinci Last Supper

Sunset Oak

Prairies Oak

Camo Ash

Lincoln Copper

Copper, 32 oz. Brushed, Champagne Vevet Interior.

Nelson Brown

Steel, 18 Gauge, Metalic Brown, Crepe Interior, Bumper Hardware.

Dalton Blue

Dalton White

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